Rosehill Moravian Church

The Rosehill Congregation named after the Rose Hill estate that was established in the area in the 1820’s, began in 1890 at a Presbyterian school which later moved to a room on Duke Street and eventually to its present location in 1892.
Following emancipation many of the freed slaves took refuge in the hills of Laventille that were nearby. Soon they were joined by other Africans of the Mandingo, Ibo, Yoruba and Krumen ethnic groups that were rescued from foreign slave ships.
As Trinidad, and in particular Port of Spain, began to flourish economically, Africans from Tobago and other islands, some of whom were Moravians found Laventille and surrounding areas a welcoming place to settle. This combination of people gave rise to a culture that birthed the steel pan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. It is not surprising then that the Rosehill Moravian Church is the first church in Trinidad and Tobago that entertained the steel pan as an instrument of worship.
The old Rosehill sanctuary was closed on February 5th 1997 and demolished on May 15th 1997. The turning of the sod for the new sanctuary was performed on April 26th 1998. Various challenges including the passing of the new plans by Town and Country planning delayed the implementation of this project. However, all plans are now passed and the congregation is making preparations to begin the new sanctuary.
In Laventille, the church is strategically placed for various types of ministry.

Adelyn V. Mgonela


Street address
Toco, Trinidad

Office Phone
(868) 663-0276