Memorial Moravian Congregation, Trinidad Conference

Excavation Memorial

The Memorial Moravian Church began as a small assembly in 1983. Services commenced at the home of one of the founding members, Sis Albertha Titus under the leadership of Rev Kingsley Lewis now Bishop of the Unity.  A few years later, services were held at the Tunapuna Methodist Church in Balthazar Street. Serving the congregation during these years were Reverands Cortroy Jarvis, Glenville Gregory and Winston Jones.  In 1991 property was acquired at #7 Sargeant Street Tunapuna. An old house on the property was refurbished and served as the Manse until April 2008.

In 1992 Rev. Mikie Roberts and the members constructed the downstairs of the Manse to the Memorial Moravian Church and birthed the vision for the building of the Memorial Sanctuary on the land behind the existing building.   This vision was followed through on the assignment of Rev Algernon Lewis to that congregation in 1996 and plans were drawn up.  Permission was sought from the Town and Country Planning Division. Meanwhile fundraising and planning for the construction of this manse were vigorously pursued.  In 1999, the Rev. Sadie Monique Harry took the baton and continued with these activities.

In 2002 under the leadership of Rev Adelyn Mgonela new plans were drawn up and were passed by Town and Country. The Ground Breaking Ceremony took place on Sunday 19th September 2004 at the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of the Congregation. Officiating was Bishop Kingsley Lewis and the Rev Roslyn Hamblin.   There were several set back since then but Memorial pressed on towards the high calling of building the Lord’s sanctuary.  This was not in vain.  A new builder was sent by God and thigs began to fall into place. In June 2009 a three day prayer and fast was called for the members of the congregation, culminating in a retreat on June11th.  The theme was:

B.U.I.L.D. to B.U.I.L.D.

Blessings Usually Increase, Labour Diligently; But Ultimately It is the Lord’s Doing

The dream to construct a sanctuary on the Memorial grounds were coming to fruition and there was great anticipation and excitement to actually see the foundation started on August 8th 2009  Indeed God is good and his promises are yea and amen. The construction of the Memorial Moravian Sanctuary has started and the first phase, the laying of the foundation is on schedule to finish by the end of September 2009.  We are trusting God to see all three phases complete.He who began a good work in us will surely see it to completion.