It was a rainy day with the threat of a tropical storm, yet a the Mount Tabor Moravian Church was respectably filled for a service of rededication on Sunday, July 31, 2011.

The service also marked the 186 anniversary of the church which was founded on August 1, 1825.

Bishop Kingsley O'R Lewis presided, and declared the building to be once again "set apart from all profane and common uses, and consecrated to the worship and service of Almighty God." He later unveiled a place to mark the occasion.

The Pastor, Rev Cicely Athill-Horsford and the congregation rejoiced that they were able to replace the termite eaten roof, replace the widows with new PVC windows and repaint the interior of the building.

Congratulations are therefore in order on such an accomplishment, and we pray that they would continue with a simlilar zeal in all their endeavours.



Pastor & Bishop