My Experience

As a young boy growing up, I have always enjoyed camping, so when the opportunity arose for me to attend the Provincial Youth Camp I anticipated that day with great anticipation. There were five other campers from my island who were not familiar to myself even though I would have recognized them from other congregations. Prior to leaving Barbados we had several meetings where we had the opportunity to interact and become familiar with each other.


PYC 2010 Barbados Campers



On reaching Antigua and settling in, I was amazed to see so many young people at a time when negativity is always cast on the youth. As the days went on and relationships with other campers developed, I was even more amazed at the common goal of all wanting to live their life for Christ. This was borne out more on the night of the Worship Encounter when the majority of the campers either dedicated their lives for the first time or renewed their commitment to Christ.

Provincial Youth Camp creates the atmosphere for learning new cultures, meeting new and lasting friends from across the region and enhancing spiritual growth. Definitely, we will surely be in contact with one another since they are SO many ways of communication now such as cell phones, facebook, twitter, msn chat just to name a few. The Provincial Youth Camp also shows that you can have a wholesome and enjoyable life as a young Christian. This camp has molded me and helped me to express myself as an individual who can now clearly distinguish between good and evil and also to be a young representative for God. It has been a most impressive experience and I look forward to the opportunity to attend another camp.

Stefan Harewood


Provincial Youth Camp is something I think every Christian should have the joy of experiencing. I had a great time learning more about God and how He can purify, preserve, prefect, provide and prepare us. The experience strengthened me spiritually as I learned more about myself and my body, the temple of God, and how I should continue to walk and grow with God in life. I was taught how to deal with the challenges that Christians face on a daily basis, and that we all deal with those challenges, which was helpful.

It was also fun meeting many new people from all walks of life who are just like myself, trying to live for Christ, and interacting with these people forming lifelong friendships. I know that I am a better person, both inside and out for attending Provincial Youth Camp 2010 and what I learnt will greatly help me as I become stronger in Christ.

Jamiee Wilkinson