Omar caused wide spread flooding in Antigua and Barbuda. In areas like Pigotts on the Burma Road, Perry Bay in the Grays Farm area and West Palm Beach in Bolans found the flooding so bad that water reach to the roof of some houses. Many roadways and Bridges were severely damaged.

Many families had to be evacuated and placed in shelters and Hotels. An assessment of the scale of the damage will have to be done. It is reported that in the Pigotts area flood waters rose between 10-20 Feet. Boats had to be engaged in the rescue of the residence. A few houses and vehicles were taken away and destroyed by the flood waters.

Many electricity poles fell. Landslides caused some roadways to be blocked. In the Southern part of Antigua, loads of boulders descended from the hillsides and blocked the road. It is to be noted that coastal erosion took place all around the Island. There was no loss of life.

The community spirit is alive and well in Antigua. Hundreds of persons came out to assist in whatever way possible. The clearing of the roadways started immediately following the passage of the Hurricane.

-- Rev. Cortory Jarvis




















Photos courtesy Rev. Nigel Daniel