A Time to Run with the Vision


As the Eastern West Indies Province prepares for its 29th Synod, we will be challenged on all fronts to make a difference in our communities, as our people struggle with the financial and economic crisis that have engulfed the world. The Church is being challenged to be more proactive rather than being reactive. We are challenged to be more creative and even radical in the way we minister. We are challenged not to allow yesterday to hijack our attention. Humorist and entertainer Will Rogers once said, “don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”. As a Church we should learn from the past, allow it to cement the present and propel us into the future. Too many times, the people of God rather than learning from the past, get stuck in it and therefore the Church stagnates. The past was good but it had different challenges. While some challenges remain the same, we live in different times and as a Church, we must be able to navigate these troublous times being guided by God at all times. These times are not for the faint hearted or for those who lack faith and confidence in their God.


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