Mission Report

At the Synod of 2003 held in Barbados, Resolution  #23 asked The PEC “to explore with the Board of World Mission (BWM) the seating of a representative from our Province on that Board”.  Acting upon this resolution, the PEC has appointed Bro. Dion Christopher as its representative to the BWM. Bro. Christopher is now seated at the Board of World Mission as our representative. 


The work on Tortola has made tremendous strides in the Inter Synodal period. Bro. Mikie Roberts with his other responsibilities as Minister of Music was given the temporary assignment to Tortola, with the call of Sis. Anique Elmes to the New Herrnhut Congregation. In 2007 Bro. Vankys Jaun Isaac accepted a call to Tortola. Bro. Isaac has a heart for missions and has already made tremendous impact on the work in Tortola. We see great potential and believe that the work there will grow with his presence and will soon be established as a Moravian Congregation. After a prolonged period of negotiations the land is now in the hands of the Tortola Fellowship and plans are progressing for the construction of a sanctuary. There is an urgent need for a “Home” for the Fellowship and as steps are made for the Sanctuary the Province would need to rally around the Tortola Fellowship.

It has come to our attention that there are several Moravians located on Virgin Gorda. In August 2008, Bro. Dion Christopher and Bro. Vankys Isaac made an exploratory visit to Virgin Gorda to discuss the possibility of beginning an outreach there. The ground looks very fertile and further plans are being made as to the way forward.

St. Martin

The Rev. Errol Connor continues to work with the people in St. Martin. He is there one Sunday per month. Further dialogue needs to be held with the Suriname Province as to the way forward.  There is now a need to appoint a Pastor for the congregation. (RESOLUTION #18)


Resolution # 19 of Synod of 2006 asked that a “survey be done to identify the needs of the Trinidad Conference”. In April of 2007, Bro Dion Christopher and Bro Jack Geis visited the Trinidad Conference. Meetings were held with the Executive Board, Staff and the Joint Boards. These meetings were extremely successful and several things became obvious. The Four congregations which make up the Trinidad Conference total less than 250 members, most of whom, are originally from Tobago. These members are currently being served by three pastors. The Provincial Assessment has become a financial burden.

The Trinidad Conference therefore should be recognized by the Province as an EWI Province Mission Area. The parameters of this designation can be examined but it would put Trinidad in a position where we can help with resources and manpower. Because of the syncretistic religious community that exists in Trinidad, staffing in Trinidad must be considered with the possibility of offering training in evangelism.

There is a need for a planning retreat for all church officers and leaders. The objective of this retreat would be to establish a five year plan with specific growth strategies. A major emphasis of this plan would be toward mission. Another objective would be to move toward the pooling of resources in the conference.

The Trinidad Conference has tremendous potential, however in order for the growth and development to take place there needs to be major cooperation between its pastors and members.


The mission in Grenada started as an outreach of the youth in Tobago in response to the ravages of Hurricane Ivan. Under the leadership of Bro. Rowan Simmons and Bro. Devon Mannix, they visited and distributed supplies in Mount Tranquil (also known as Child Island) and Champ Fleur. Several services and meetings have been held and after several visits and recognizing the large presence of children the decision was taken to hold a Vacation Bible School in the summer of 2007 as an outreach to the children.

Since the VBS several trips were made to Grenada. In April of 2008 Bro. Rowan Simmons and Bro Devon Mannix along with Bro. Dion Christopher and Bro. Jack Geis (BWM) made a visit to Grenada. The purpose of this trip was to introduce the BWM to the work in Grenada and to begin the process of establishing a legal presence in Grenada.

In his report to the BWM and the Province, Bro. Geis recommended that “contact be actively sustained by Pastors Simmons and Mannix and that the Chairman of the EWI Province petition the executive of the Executive Committee of the Unity Board to place on the agenda of the 2009 Unity Synod a discussion and consideration of establishing Grenada as a Mission Area of the Unity.” This designation will allow for a greater involvement of not only the Province but also the Unity and recognize the work in Grenada throughout the Unity.

The documents for the establishment of “The Moravian Church in Grenada” were submitted to the Department of Legal Affairs and we have just gotten word that the Moravian Church in Grenada has now being registered and recognized.

As the work in Grenada progresses there is still the immediate need for: tents for meeting, tables and chairs, a public address system, and Bibles and teaching material. The members in Grenada are crying out for the establishment of a ‘church’ with regular meetings signaling that a much more concentrated effort must be made if the work in Grenada is to progress. A sustained presence is needed and regular visits must be made.

Dominican Republic

The Moravian Church began its outreach mission to the Dominican Republic in 1907.  They merged with the Methodists and Presbyterians in 1960 to form the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana. The EWI province is still seeking to establish a relationship with them. (resolution #2)


Bro. Christopher along with Bro. Jack Geis (BWM Director) have been assigned to work with the EWI Province.

The Board of World Mission offers several opportunities for Mission which include:

The Antioch Project

The mission of the Antioch Project is to reach out to our youth and to provide mission opportunities and opportunities for service. A Youth in Mission Summit was held in August under the theme “Feet First”.

Likewise Ministries

Likewise Ministries focuses on the medical needs. There is focus on HIV/AIDS and Medical Ministries. Training and Clinics are all a part of the program. In Nicaragua there is the Ahaus Clinic which caters for the medical needs of the people in that community.

The Adopt-a-Village Program

Through the Adopt a Village program churches are encouraged to partner with small communities and to provide support to them. This support ranges from supplies (food, clothing, housing) to providing medical support and training and teaching, which congregations and partner provinces can give support to specific communities. Most of this ministry is fleshed out in Tanzania. The Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church in Wisconsin for example, has partnered with the Moravian Church in Jamaica and has adopted “Camp Hope” and has been able to repair and refurbish the camp.

BEE Moravian

This is a Bible Education by Extension Program. Distance education is provided through the Moravian College and the Theological Seminary.

Moravian First Nations Ministries

This is a collaborative effort between the Labrador and Alaska Provinces and the Morongo congregation in California. There are several opportunities for ministry and the Board is actively seeking volunteers for long term and short term mission endeavors.

Moravian Disaster Response (MDR)

The MDR sends response teams to areas affected by disasters throughout the Unity. After Hurricane Katrina they assisted with home repairs and home building in the states affected by Katrina. Teams have been dispatched to Nicaragua and Honduras to assist with the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Felix.

With the establishment of our Mission (and Evangelism) Committee (see proposal #9 below), the EWI Province can look forward to increased involvement in Mission opportunities and the development of our evangelistic outreach ministries, which will launch us into our communities to deal with issues such as HIV/AIDS and the other social issues that plague our communities, and to draw persons into a closer relationship with Christ. Our involvement in the ministry opportunities of the BWM will also increase as we begin to understand our own mission responsibilities