The Information - April 1998 (Vol 8 No. 5)

A Communication  from the Chairman of the Moravian Church,  E.W.I. Province.

Prayer Watch in the Province is May

During the month of May (1-27), our Provincial family will carry on the Prayer Watch of the Worldwide Moravian Church. The Watch is designed so that a Moravian, whether an individual, a family

or a group, is praying at all times. It is our turn and I invite all of you to treasure this moment to keep the link of the chain going when you are called upon to do so.

Kindly regard this as a sacred duty. This is the schedule:

  • May 1-2: Trinidad
  • May 3-6: Tobago
  • May 7-11: Barbados
  • May 12-17: Antigua
  • May 18-21: St. Kitts
  • May 22-27: USVI

Christian Educators Hold Annual Conference

The annual Conference of the Christian Educators/Ministers of Christian Education took place in Antigua at the Provincial Headquarters from March 16-20, 1998.

In addition to their regular agenda, the Educators did some important work in projections for Provincial Camp and Conferences. These will need to be ratified by the P.E.C. before being shared with the Conferences. They also shared with the Chairman of the P.E.C. some of their concerns and vision of their ministry.

Clearly, a brand new day is dawning for this ministry and it needs our prayerful support and encouragement.

25th Synod Souvenir Magazine on the Way

The process towards producing the special souvenir magazine as part of the celebration of the 25th Provincial Synod is now getting into high gear.

The basic framework for the magazine has been decided on and the next two months or so will be spent gathering the appropriate articles, advertisements and so forth.

Even if you do not have any business to advertise and you would like to get a special mentioned or have a departed loved one mentioned, you may do so and support this publication. Please contact any member of the Committee.

In any case, this magazine is going to be a must for all Moravian homes.

The Committee Members are:

  1. USVI - Revd Leon Matthias
  2. St. Kitts - Revd Eulencine Christopher
  3. Barbados - Mrs. Sheldene Alleyne
  4. Mrs. Margaret Best
  5. Trinidad - Mr. Keith Horsford
  6. Tobago - Mrs. Alma Chambers
  7. Antigua - Revd Cortroy Jarvis
  8. Revd Ezra Parris
  9. Mrs. Cavelle John
  10. Revd Joseph Nicholas

Provincial Foundation Hold Regular Meeting

The Moravian Church Provincial Foundation held another of its regular meetings on the weekend of March 27-28, 1998.

As the Foundation continues in its formative process, much time was given to clarifying the nature of its operation. There were also up-to-date reports from the various conferences and from the Provincial Development Officer.

While Sister Lenore Worrell was previously seated as an ex-officio member, on the recommendation of the P.E.C. Chairman, she was made a full member especially as the Foundation is still in formation. She was then elected as Chairman with Brother George Ramsay as the Secretary/Treasurer.

Moravians Disciples Celebrate....

The Moravian Disciples out of Barbados celebrated their first anniversary with a concert in January at the Calvary Moravian Church.

The concert was entitled "Come Celebrate" and was given substantial media coverage by the Nation and Advocate Newspapers.

One reporter wrote"....the choir gave a brilliant display of talent and versatility, covering such genres as reggae, rhythm & blues, kaiso and traditional church harmonies..".

Another article concluded ".. if much is expected from those to whom much is given, then lovers of gospel music should expect a lot in the future from the Moravian Disciples .. a group which can go as far as it wants to.".

Video tapes of this concert are now available at the price of Bds$40 per copy.

Our Sympathy to Sister Vera

The entire Provincial family shares the sorrow of Sister Vera Waithe, Christian Educator/Minister of Christian Education of the Barbados Conference who lost her mother on March 6, 1998 after a period of illness. Sister Eunice Gilkes who was an important member of the Dunscombe Church family was buried at Sharon on Saturday March 14, 1998.

Let us continue with our Sister and other members of her family in prayerful support.

Our Sympathy to Brother Errol

The entire Provincial family was called upon to rally around another member of the family when Brother Errol Connor, Superintendent of the Barbados Conference, lost his grandmother in St. Kitts.

Sister Ida Henry was buried at Zion on Friday March 27, 1998.

Let us continue with our Brother and other members of his family in prayerful support.

Congratulations to Music Academy in Barbados

The Music Academy of the Moravian Church in Barbados is still rejoicing over the success of its four (4) students in the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music in February 1998.

The Academy was started in 1998 under the leadership of Sister Gloria Skeete and Sister Marjorie Worrell.

PEC Meets in Tobago

The second quarterly meeting of the Provincial Elders' Conference (PEC) for 1998 will be held in Tobago from April 16-19.

As is its policy, the P.E.C. will meet with the Staff, the Executive Board as well as all Joint Boards. The P.E.C. will also be pleased to meet with other individuals and groups as they are able to make arrangements with the Superintendent, Brother Chase.

Please pray for the members of the PEC and especially for our meeting in Tobago.

Nisky Handbell Choir off to Nevis ... Again

The Handbell Choir of the Nisky Moravain Church in St. Thomas travelled to Nevis from Friday March 27 to Monday March 30, 1998. They had a performance on the March 29 at the St. George's Anglican Church. They were invited back by Revd Fr. Alston Percival as part of the Harvest celebration following their visit last year.

The Choir was led by Sister June Laborde and included Sisters Sandra Gilpin, Coreen Rhymer, Doris Daniel, Stephanie Clarke, Melinda Rhymer, Veronica Smith, Avon Crossley, Stephanie Joseph and Brother Jeremy Smalls.

Truly, in the spirit of ecumenism!! May God bless all of you.

More Moravians on UTC's Cricket Team

We have heard from UTCWI that our students are not devoting all of their time to studying; some are actually playing ... on the cricket team of the College. Brothers Patmore Smith, Nigel Daniel and Rowan Simmons are all on the team with Brother Simmons as the captain. We have also heard that Brother Hilton Joseph is the Chaplain.

Congrats Brothers! Please be assured that on the UTC team, you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses including members of P.E.C. Superintendents and probationers.

Barbadian Moravians Celebrate Church's 541st Birthday

Moravians in Barbados celebrated the 541st birthday of the Worldwide Moravian Church on the weekend of February 28 and March 1.

On Saturday February 28, a retreat was held at Clifton Hill for officers and leaders. There was a presentation by Revd Connor as well as a panel discussion in the morning.

During the afternoon session, much attention was given to the Supplementary liturgies which the Province has been gathering as part of the Supplementary Worship Book that is now being put together.

Then, on Sunday March 1, there was a March of Witness from the Warren's Roundabout in St. Thomas to the Sharon Moravian Church. Members marched to the music of the "Moravian Disciples" in addition to other gospel singers. The sermon for the afternoon was preached by Revd Holder. The afternoon's schedule also included a short skit by three persons on aspects of the history of our Church.

Holder As Opening Bat ...

Oh sorry! this is not really cricket. It is about support for ministerial training.

The Revd Rudolph Holder and Sister Violet Holder have sent in the first contribution for ministerial training by Ministers in response to the special appeal of the P.E.C.

In view of the number of persons who are coming forward for ministry, the P.E.C. is asking all Ministers to make a small contribution towards ministerial training in gratitude for the training that they received but also as an investment in the ministry of our Church. It can be given on a monthly basis or as a one time gift for the year.

The P.E.C. is really counting on the support of all of our ministers in this area especially as it relates to its symbolic significance.

In the meantime, all ministers are kindly reminded to submit returns from their congregations for the special "Day of Prayer and Offering" for Ministerial training.

Please Join the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle and Pray ....

  • Week 17: April 19-25 - Brazil
  • Week 18: April 26-May 2 Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • Week 19: May 3-9 Bolivia, Chile, Peru
  • Week 20: May 10-16 Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia.

Please Join the Celebration WCC is 50 Not Out!!

Message from the Officers of the WCC -- 30 January 1998

Like every church year, 1998 will be full of "special" events. The thought of another may seem one too many.

But as Officers of the World Council of Churches, we should like to call on all of our member churches to find time and space this year to give thanks and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding Assembly of this fellowship of churches - in Amsterdam in 1948.

Indeed we have much for which to thank God and to celebrate!

As a result of the ecumenical movement which the WCC has been privileged to serve for half a century, Christians from a wide spectrum of traditions and cultures, who once hardly knew each other, now pray, worship and work together. Once this was the dream of only a few visionaries. Now, through the goodness of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, such an ecumenical life has become natural for millions of believers around the world.

During the WCC's Jubilee year, we must in a special way give thanks to God for the spiritual exhilaration

which comes from living and worshipping, witnessing and working ecumenically.

Our celebrations will also need to look forward. We still have much to learn from God and to do for God. We need to use our celebrations as a time for recommitment to the movement for visible church unity.

And our celebrations will need to include time for confession. In many ways, our lives and the lives of our churches continue to be a scandal to our proclamation of the gospel. We know many of the problems; we need to pray with renewed urgency for God's help in solving them.

We have a history. We shall celebrate it! We have a future. We shall celebrate it! Come and join the celebration!

  • H.H. Aram I -- Moderator
  • Ephoms Dr S. A. E. Nababan -- Vice-Moderator
  • Pastora Nélida Ritchie -- Vice-Moderator
  • Rev. Dr Konrad Raiser -- General Secretary

Sorry Bethlehem ...

The Bethlehem Moravian Church in Barbados celebrated its 34 anniversary on March 8. The Pastor is the Revd Rudolph Gibbs. Bethlehem has 156 members.

Sorry Friedensthal

The Friedensthal Moravian Church in St. Croix celebrated its 243rd anniversary on March 29. The pastors are Revd Conrad Spencer and Revd Dr. Samuel Jacobs. It has 702 members.

Happy Anniversary - Rose Hill in Trinidad

The Rose Hill Moravian Church in Trinidad will celebrate its 108th anniversary on April 26. There are 513 members and the main worship service is held at 9am every Sunday. The Pastor is the Revd Cicely Athill Horsford.

Happy Anniversary - Cedar Hall in Antigua

The Cedar Hall Moravian Church in Antigua will celebrate its 176th anniversary on Easter Day. This is so special for them that the date is secondary; it is just Easter. There are 680 members and the main worship service is held at 10 am every Sunday. The Pastor is the Revd Ezra Parris.

Events Upcoming

  1. April 5 Palm Sunday
  2. April 9 Holy Thursday
  3. April 10 Good Friday
  4. April 12 Easter Day
  5. April 16-19 PEC Meets in Tobago
  6. April 24 Start of Semester II Examinations at UTCWI - Jamaica.
  7. May 1-27 Prayer Watch in our Province
  8. May 11-16 Provincial Evangelism Workshop - Barbados

Birthdays This Month

Happy Birthday to:

  • Bro. E. Elroy Christopher -- 4
  • Sis. Gwendolyn Jacobs -- 8
  • Sis. Valarie Ferguson -- 20
  • Sis. Rosalind Prince -- 26
  • Bro. Bishop Neville Brown -- 27
  • Bro. Aldwin John -- 28

Anniversaries This Month

Happy Anniversary to:

  • Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Florence Isaac -- 16
  • Revd Esther Moore and Mr. Rudolph Roberts -- 22
  • Revd Eric and Mrs. Frances John -- 29

A Smile

After knocking down a woman pedestrian who was Jaywalking, the cab driver stopped and helped the irate lady to her feet. Refusing his assistance, she shrieked, "You stupid, reckless creature! You must be blind!" "What do you mean, blind?" snapped the driver "I hit you, didn't I?"

* * *

A Baptist deacon had advertised a cow for sale. "How much are you asking for it" inquired a prospective buyer. "A hundred and fifty dollars," replied the advertiser. "And how much milk does she give?" "Four gallons a day," he replied. "But how do I know she'll actually give that amount?" asked the purchaser. "Oh, you can trust me," he explained, "I'm a Baptist deacon." "I'll buy it," answered the other. "I'll take the cow home and bring back the money later. You can trust me, I am a Presbyterian elder." When the deacon arrived home, he asked his wife, "What's a Presbyterian elder?" "Oh," she explained, "a Presbyterian elder isabout the same as a Baptist deacon." "Oh, dear," groaned the deacon, "I've lost my cow."