JULY 1999


Our 25th Provincial Synod

As you can well imagine, this issue and the next issue of "The Information" will focus very much on our 25th Provincial Synod. The Planning Committee in Antigua has intensified its efforts.


Synod Accommodation List Published

The Planning Committee for the 25th Provincial Synod and the P.E.C. have published the list for the accommodation of Synodals in Antigua during the 25th Synod from August 8-21, 1999.

Most delegates will be staying in the homes of Moravians and friends in Antigua while the daily Synod sessions will be held at the Tim O'Reilly Auditorium at Spring Gardens in St. John's.

Kindly check with your Superintendents in order to verify who will be your host for Synod. This will also help you to know what contact address and telephone number to leave with your folks at home before you leave for Synod on August 8.

Remember to "Say a little Prayer for Provincial Synod."


Ordered Souvenir Plates???

Have you ordered your souvenir plates to mark the 25th Synod of our Province? Please do so early as only a limited number of plates will be available.

The details on the plates should be available on the "Notice Board" of your Church or from your Minister.

It is not likely that each Moravian home will have one but yours may just be among the ones which do.


Some Special Events for 25th Synod

Kindly note the following special events for the 25th Provincial Synod to be held in Antigua, August 8-21, 1999.

Sunday August 8 Arrival & Registration

Evening - Setting up of display

Monday August 9 - 8 am Synod Retreat

Evening - Opening Synod Service

Tuesday August 10

Evening - Reception hosted by Government Official

Friday August 13

Late afternoon/evening - March of Witness and Service

Saturday August 14 - All Day Island Tour & Picnic

Sunday August 15 - All Day Hosted by families

Evening - Musical Programme

Tuesday August 17

Evening - 25th Synod Banquet

Thursday August 19

Evening - Closing Synod Service & Holy Communion

Friday August 20

Afternoon Cricket Match


Revd Rudolph Holder Superintendent of the Barbados Conference and Chaplain of the 25th Provincial Synod offers "A Little Pray for Synod"

O God of the Universe, to whom are known the great events as well as the insignigicant occurences in our world, we acknowledge your sovereignty over the affairs of our lives. Every detail of our lives is observed by your vision which spans time and eternity. Have mercy upon us and forgive our foolish ways in dethroning you from the central place in our lives.

We pray that you will grant to your chosen people when we assemble to undertake the business of the 25th Provicnial Synod of your Church, the spirit of love that kindled by the selfless and ineffable love of God, we may seek to love one another in a strong synodal bond that unites your church across geographic boundaries. Then, enable us, in our loving, to advance the mission of your church as your covenant people.

Empower us through faith to claim the promises of your Word and challenge us as a Church to go forward to acheive numerical and qualitative growth. Help us O God, as we reflect on the wealth of our heritage to strive to attain that wealth of spirit so that by faith, we can accomplish more for you and less for our selfish ambition.

May prayer be a high priotity in the life of our Church and not the occasional activity of a few. May our Church faithfully lift us up in prayer during this 25th Provicnial Synod, the last in this millennium. Grant that through divine wisdom, we many chart the course for the development of our Church in the swiftly approaching century. May we be one in purpose despite the diversity of opinion.

Forgive us Lord, for the disunity that divides your Church, the lethargy that defeats our objectives, the rivalry and jockeying for positions that block our advance, the priority we give to secular things and ignore the stewardwhip of our lives and possessions, the poverty of faith, that immobilises our march to progress and our unclear vision of the mission to which you have called our Chuch.

Bless and direct, O Lord, the officers and members of Synod, that in all we think, say and do duirng the deliberations of Synod, you will be glorified through the ministry of your Church.



Proposals for Synod

If you are still thinking of sending a proposal for consideration at the 25th Provincial Synod, you are kindly encouraged to act promptly. The sooner that it gets to the Provincial Headquarters, the greater the chances of its being discussed and understood as it will be sent out to delegates before August.


Address Correction Requested???

From time to time we receive a word indicating that a name or address might be incorrect; and we are grateful for this.

We kindly invite all of you to check the address on this issue of "The Information" and if there is need for any correction, please send us a note.

Thank you very much for this.


Synod T-shirts Are Now Available

The Planning Committee for the 25th Provincial Synod in Antigua is pleased to announce that T-shirts for the Synod are now available at a cost of EC$25.00 or US$10.00.

T-shirts may be purchased from members of the Committee or from the Conference Office and the colours available are white, beige, blue and gray.

Polo Shirts will be done by special requests.

It is important that you purchase your shirt if you plan to be at Synod or if you are in Antigua. On the late afternoon of Friday August 13 when there will be the March of Witness through St. John's, T-shirts will be worn.

Revd Alban St.Hill, Pastor of Gracebay/Urlings Congregations in Antigua reflects on the 1999 Provincial theme: "Charting the Course"

Standing on the portals of a new millennium, Christians today may take heart from the story of Israel's conquest of the land of Canaan. We should go forward into the future secure in the strength of the two 'legs' given to us by God. One is command, the other is promise.

The timing of the command must not be lost on us. Moses, denied the privilege of entering the Promised Land, was dead. This was the signal for his assistant, Joshua the new leader, to be commanded to get ready to chart the course across the Jordan and into Canaan. The demand of the command are even more significant: they call forth obedience as an act of faith in a God who brings good out of evil, who will not leave us nor forsake.

On one hand, there is the call to obedience on the part of God's people to his commands, on the other hand, a promise of fulfillment by a God who cannot lie or fail.

God, however, reminds us of the past, and of those who have brought us to our present experience and privilege: "Remember the Command which Moses My Servant gave you your obedience to the Book of the Law is the only requirement needed for your future prosperity and success. And be never terrified."

Yes, he asks each one of us to be strong.

God therefore commands, promises and encourages us as we chart our futures. He is with us says he, wherever we go. Chart your Course in obedience to his Command. Has he not Commanded you?


UTC Needs Dean of Studies

The Board of Governors of the United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI), is seeking a new Dean of Studies of the College. The following text indicates the kind of person whom the Board is seeking and what the person is expected to do:


The applicant should have exposure to Education at the tertiary level.

She/He should have an understanding of what administration entails.

She/He should have a rounding in Theology and be aware of the issues pertaining to that discipline.

She/He should have management and interpersonal skills.

She/He should have experience in teaching.

She/He should have skills in computing.

She/He should be ecumenically aware.


1. The Dean of Studies has responsibility for organising the Academic Programme in consultation with the President and members of Faculty, vis-a-vis the requirements for the Diploma in Ministerial Studies, Certificate of Ministerial Studies, Certificate of Attendance, the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and the Licentiate of Theology. In addition he/she liases with the co-ordinators of the following programmes, the Mater of Arts in Theology (UWI), the Lay Institute and the Doctor of Ministry.

(2) He/She serves as the liaison between the College and the Faculty of Arts and General Studies on all matters related to the B.A. and L.Th. programmes.

(3) He/She disseminates information on any aspect of the academic programme, students, the churches, independent inquirers and the Board of Governors.

(4) He/She has custody for all documents related to courses, students, academic records, University regulations.

(5) He/She prepared transcripts and other information needed on or by students and past students.

(6) He/She prepares or sees to the preparation of the following annually:

(a) The list of available courses

(b) The calendar of activities.

(c) Certificates and Diplomas

(d) List of students for each course

(e) Course outlines

(f) Examination papers (College and University courses and Entrance)

(7) He/She prepares report as required for:

(a) Meetings of Faculty

(b) The Executive of Educational Council

(c) Educational Council

(d) Board of Governors

(8) He/She convenes and presides over meeting of the Academic Sub-committee of Faculty which committee consists of among others, co-ordinators of course clusters, the Master of Arts, Doctor of Ministery and Extension Programme, Members of the Students' Association.

(9) He/She presents persons for assessment for graduation and at Valedictory events.

(10) In the absence of both the President and Deputy President, the Dean acts as Administrative Head of the College.

Staff Changes!!

With five graduates from the United Theological College of the West Indies in Jamaica being added to our Provincial staff along with three (3) Ministers returning from study leave, the P.E.C. recently announced several changes in staff. Some take effect as of July 1 while others will take effect as of September 1. They are:

  1. Sister Sadie Harry has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of Memorial/Chaguanas congregations in Trinidad as of July 1;
  2. Brother Hilton Joseph has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of Spring Gardens/Bethesda congregations in Tobago as of July 1;
  3. Bother Rowan Simmons has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Moriah/Evangel congregations in Tobago as of July 1;
  4. Brother Willard Prout has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of Montgomery congregation and as Superintendent of the Conference as of September 1;
  5. Brother Errol Connor has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Sharon/Dunscombe/St. Philip Fellowship in Barbados as of July 1 and as Superintendent from September 1;
  6. Sister Dorothea Rhodes has accepted a call to serve as Associate Pastor in the Sharon/Dunscombe/St. Philip Fellowship in Barbados as of July 1;
  7. Sister Deslyn Belle has accepted a call to serve as Associate Pastor of Spring Gardens in Antigua as of July 1;
  8. Sister Roslyn Hamblin has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Cedar Hall/Five Islands congregations in Antigua as of September 1;
  9. Brother Ezra Parris has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Cana congregation in Antigua as of September 1;
  10. Sister Anique Elmes has accepted a call to serve as Associate Pastor of the Memorial/Tortola Fellowship residing on Tortola as of July 1;
  11. Sister Lilian George has accepted a call to serve as Christian Educator of the USVI residing on St. Thomas as of September 1;
  12. Sister Eulencine Christopher has accepted a call to serve as Christian Educator of the USVI residing on St. Croix as of September 1;
  13. Brother Dion Christopher has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Friedensberg congregation in St. Croix as of September 1;
  14. Brother Winston Chase has accepted a call to serve as Pastor of the Friedensthal congregation in St. Croix as of September 1.
  15. A Call for Sister Joyce Walters is still being finalised.

Congratulations are in order...


We have received the good news that:

  1. Brother Errol Connor has successfully completed his study programme at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He graduated with the degree of Master of Sacred Theology (STM) and was also the recipient of two special awards.
  2. Bro. Wellesley Ferguson will graduate from the Covington Theology Seminary in Georgia in August with the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree;
  3. Brother Conrad Spencer graduated from the Fuller Theological Seminary in California with the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree.

Sincere congratulations to all these Brothers on their success. May God bless all of you.


Happy Anniversary to Greenbay Moravian Church in Antigua

The Greenbay Moravian Church in Antigua celebrates its 154th anniversary on July 14. There are 784 members and the pastor is the Revd Romeo Challenger.


Synod Reports in Your Hands Soon

The P.E.C. is pleased to announce that most of the reports, proposals etc. for the 25th Provincial Synod should be in the hands of delegates in a few days.

The P.E.C. is very much committed to raising the quality of leadership that is provided and this is one indication of this.

It was always difficult for Synodals to work effective with the volume of documents that they would receive on arrival for Synod.

It is hoped that with the documents in yours hands several weeks before Synod that you will read them carefully and discuss the issues with others in your Conferences.

God deserves the best of all that we have. Let us give the best in our planning for and participation in Provincial Synod.


Events Up Coming

  • July 4 (Sunday): United Holy Communion Service in most Conferences to mark the martyrdom of John Hus.
  • August 8-21: 25th Provincial Synod will be held in Antigua.
  • September 16: Ministers' Covenant Day
  • September 19: Day of Prayer for Spouses of Ministers; an offering will be taken for the widows.

Let's Not Forget

  • July 6, 1415 - John Hus, the Bohemian priest and the Spiritual founder of the Unitas Fratrum (Moravian Church) was burnt at the stake.
  • The followers of Hus greatly increased after his death and this gave rise to what became known as the Hussites.
  • In several of our Conferences there will be combined services with Holy Communion.

Wedding Bells

Your prayers are kindly requested for Pastor Rowan Simmons who will be joined in holy matrimony to Ms Earlene Clarke of Tobago on Saturday July 24, 1999 in Tobago.

Birthdays This Month!

Happy Birthday to:

  • Sis. Ida Brown 3
  • Bro. Winston Chase 8
  • Bro. Neilson Waithe 10
  • Bro. Ralph Prince 11
  • Sis. Frances John 15
  • Bro. Dion Christopher 23
  • Bro. Andrew Roberts 28
  • Bro. Rudolph Roberts 28
  • Sis. Pearline Jarvis 29

Anniversaries This Month

Happy Anniversary to:

  • Mrs. Vera and Revd Neilson Waithe 7
  • Revd Willard and Mrs. Lynda Prout 14
  • Pastor Erflin and Mrs. Marlene Browne 19
  • Revd Andrew and Mrs. Geraldine Roberts 22
  • Revd Mikie and Revd Winelle Kirton-Roberts24
  • Revd Walton and Mrs. Angela Frederick 26

A Smile

First Salesman: "My wife says if I don't give up golf she'll leave me."

Second Salesman: "Mercy, that's hard luck."

First salesman: "Yes, I'm going to miss her."

* * * A problem child was becoming too well acquainted w ith the principle's office. One day the principle remarked with annoyance, "This makes the fifth time I've punished you this week. "What have you to say for yourself?"

"I'm glad it's Friday," was the quick replay.

* * *

Johnny: "Say, Dad, do you know you're a lucky man?"

Father: "How is that, Son?"

Johnny: "You won't have to buy new books for me this year. I'm taking last year's work over again."