A Communication from the Chairman of the Moravian Church, E.W. I. Province.

Thank you Antigua!!!

The 25th Provincial Synod came off very well in Antigua and it is time for us to record our sincere thanks to the Antigua Conference for an excellent job.

The Superintendent, Staff, Executive Board and all the congregations worked very well with the Synod Steering Committee led by His Excellency, Brother Adolphus Freeland.

The 25th Synod was really a national occasion in many ways in Antigua and many people and organizations including the government and the media contributed substantially towards the success.

Many, many thanks to all of you!!!

New P.E.C. Elected

The new Provincial Elders' Conference (P.E.C.) that will lead the affairs of our Province for the next three years will be:

  • Bro. Joseph Nicholas - Chairman
  • Bro. Cortroy Jarvis - Vice-Chairman
  • Bro. Errol Connor - Secretary
  • Bro. George Ramsay - Member
  • Sis. Andrea Browne - Member
  • Please pray for your Provincial Elders.

Revd Dr. Kingsley Lewis is New Bishop

Brother Kingsley Lewis was elected as the new Bishop in the EWI Province during the recent Synod.

During his 26th years in the ministry, Bro. Lewis has served in Barbados, Trinidad and Antigua as well as several years on the P.E.C.

His service of consecration is scheduled for November 13, 1999 at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church in Antigua.

After his consecration, Bro. Lewis will share the duties of the Bishop in the Province with Bishop Brown.

Antigua Mourns for Teacher Isalyn Richards

The name of Sis. Isalyn Richards appeared on the Order of Service for the Opening Service of Synod as Organist and Director of the Mass Choir; but she was not there. She had been hospitalized two days before the opening service on August 9. Then, two days afterwards with her son Sefton, her sister Gloria as well as Revd Hamblin, Bro. henson James and PEC Chairman, Revd Nicholas at her bedside, she passed away peacefully.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to Antigua/Barbuda especially in the area of music, she was awarded a National Service of Thanksgiving.

The Governor General, Sir James Carlisle, led the nation in mourning as he paid tribute to her and laid the first wreath. The Service took place on Friday August 27, 1999 at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church before she was laid to rest at her home congregation at Lebanon.

Teacher Isalyn had devoted over 40 years to the Music Ministry of our Church. While she was never recognised by the Church as such, she was indeed a part of our specialized ministry as a Minister of Music.

To all of her loved ones, we extend our sincere sympathy and the assurance of our prayers.

Revd Nicholas Elected to Advisory Committee of Unity Board

Chairman of P.E.C., Bro. Nicholas was recently elected to the Advisory Committee of the Moravian Unity Board. He will take up this position as of October 1, 1999 and will join: Brother Hans-Beat Motel- Chairman, Brother Angetile Musomba - Vice-Chairman, and Brother Robert Sawyer.

Our Prayers are with you in your new setting ...

Several members of staff and families have recently moved into new ministries ad as one can imagine, they are still getting accustomed to their new surroundings.

Please remember to consult the booklet "In His Steps". It was produced for such a time as this.

As we mention your names in this column, please be assured that we are all thinking of you and praying for you.

  • Brother Willard Prout
  • Brother Errol Connor
  • Sister Roslyn Hamblin
  • Brother Ezra Parris
  • Sister Lilian George
  • Sister Eulencine Christopher
  • Brother Dion Christopher
  • Brother Winston Chase


Dear Friends,

The World Council of Churches and the Asian Christian Art Association are planning to publish a book to celebrate 2000 years of Christian art.

The book is scheduled for completion mid-2001 and will contain approximately 250 pages.

The format will combine art works and meditations. Art works will come from most countries of the world in order to reflect the wide extent of the influence of the Christian Church.

You could help us - We would like to include at least one art work from your country (possibly more).

The art work (painting or sculpture) should capture the ethos and Christian faith of your people, your country and your church at this time in history. It can be early or modern but needs to speak to the church of today.

Our proposal is that you make this search for a representative art work a feature in your magazine over the next few months.

There are many ways this could be done. You could ask some experts to propose possible art works or you could invite your readers to let you know what they consider to be the most important artistic symbol of the faith of their country. Your readers might also want to debate the proposed art works or vote on which one they think is the best.

Once a few significant art works have been identified you could invite some leading people in your church to write a meditation on a particular art work.

Please send us information and photograph or photocopy of the art work or works which have been identified as the best representation of your country's Christian faith, together with any meditation. They will be considered by our international panel of editors for inclusion in the book.

We see this project catching the imagination of many of your readers and creating wide international interest. Thanks for your help and keep in touch.

Deadline for receiving materials is the end of April 2000.

All correspondence to:

Rev Ron O'Grady
Editor in chief
P.O. Box 15-774
Auckland 1007
New Zealand
Tel: (64-9) 817 5220
Fax: (69-9) 817 3574. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Two New Students for the UTCWI

Our Province has sent two new students in College at the United Theological College of the West Indies in Jamaica.

Bro. Vankys Juan Isaac of New Herrnhut, St. Thomas, formerly of Bethesda, St. Kitts, will do a two year programme in Theology and Ministerial Studies.

Sis. Bonnie Williams of the Urlings congregation in Antigua will do a four year programme in Theology and Ministerial Studies.

Your prayers are kindly requested for these as well as for all the others who have returned to the UTCWI. Your prayers are also requested for Bro. Patmore Smith who has returned to Westminster Choir College in New Jersey for his specialized studies in Church Music.

Please Pray for:

Your prayers are kindly requested for:

  • Brother R.I.C. Holder and family as they continue to recover from the recent loss of Sis. Violet Holder.
  • Sis. Jeanette Smith Barry of St. Thomas and family in the midst of the recent loss of Sis. Barry's husband while she was attending Synod in Antigua.
  • All the relatives of Sis. Isalyn Richards as they come to terms with her death.
  • Brother Maurice Woods of St. Kitts who is still recovering from his recent surgery.

Celebrating the Centenary of First Provincial Synod in Barbados

The Barbados Conference in conjunction with the P.E.C. will be holding special events on and around November 11, 1999 to mark the 100th anniversary of our first Provincial Synod.

It is our special blessing to have the 25th Synod coming during the same year that we mark the centenary of the First.

Sis. Joyce Walters Minister of Counselling in Barbados

Sis. Joyce Walters of Barbados started her full time ministry as Minister of Counselling in the Barbados Conference on September 1, 1999.

This is an new Ministry in our Province and Sis. Walters will need our support and prayers.

Let's Not Forget

  • September 16 (1741) --- Recognition and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Chief Elder and Head of the Moravian Church.
  • September 18 (1768) --- The baptism of the first converts by Moravians in Barbados.
  • September 26 (1765) --- The arrival of the first two Moravian Missionaries, from Hernnhut to Barbados. They were Bro. John Wood and Bro. Andrew Rittsmanberger.

Address Correction Requested???

From time to time we receive a word indicating that a name or address might be incorrect; and we are grateful for this.

We kindly invite all of you to check the address on this issue of "The Information" and if there is need for any correction, please send us a note.

Thank you very much for this.

Happy Anniversary to Judges Hill

The Judges' Hill Moravian Church in Antigua will celebrate is 14th anniversary on September 28. The Pastor is the Revd Dr. Kingsley Lewis.

Happy Anniversary to Memorial in Trinidad

The Memorial Moravian Church in Trinidad will celebrate its 16th anniversary on September 13. Pastor Sadie Harry is the pastor of Memorial Congregation.

"Charting The Course" A Reflection by Revd Winston Chase
Pastor of Friedensthal In St. Croix

The scenario that presents itself to us is that of a new leader taking office: Joshua is being given the "instruments" of his new post and is being instructed to lead his people over the Jordan and into the Promised Land.

Moses had recently demitted office and although he had started the course which God had charted for His people, he was not given the privilege of completing it.

In real terms therefore the way ahead had already been planned; God laid it out but someone was needed with the courage and stamina to carry it through to its end.

And just as Joshua and his people had found themselves at that crossroads of sorts, so do we the members of the Moravian Church in this Province find ourselves at this moment in time.

God's course has already been charted; the torch has been passed from hand to hand as a baton in a relay race. Now we have reached the point that makes the handing over or changing over or crossing over extremely crucial. Indeed the manner in which this is effected will determine the outcome of the event.

Our Church needs to plan well using God's great design for the Redemption and Salvation of Mankind. Crossing over into the new millennium and ultimately the 21st Century will prove every bit as exciting and challenging to us as crossing the Jordan did to the children of Israel in ancient times. Will we make it over to the other side? Will we find waters too deep? Will we find the river too shallow and strike against the submerged rocks? Will the currents be too strong and sweep us away from our intended landing-point, our objective?

So much depends on how well we will be able to prepare. So much depends on the pilot who is taking the group "over the Jordan", our river of time into the "Promised Land", the new millennium and the 21st Century! And our God advises us to plan and to chart the course; to count the cost (Luke 14:27-33).

But the water, rough it may be; the roads unpaved as they are; the enemies encountered along the way are not reasons for halting the march or abandoning the trip. They are but challenges to take up and obstacles to be overcome.

And we shall overcome, for the Master is on our side (Phil. 4:13).

With all this considered we do realize that it will take courage, faith and stamina to complete our mission. By God's grace having charted the course, we shall continue on course and ultimately see our mission through.

Ms Chermin Brebnor New Treasurer of Tobago Conference

The P.E.C. is pleased to announce that Sis. Chermin Brebnor is the new Treasurer of the Tobago Conference. She has replaced Bro. Clyde Jack who has served in that office for about thirty (30) years.

Sis. Brebnor is a member of the Buccoo congregation and has served there in several capacities.

Sis. Brebnor now manages a small business of her own. We welcome Sis. Brebnor to this level of service to our church.

May God bless you Sis. Brebnor.

Events Up Coming

  • September 16 --- Ministers' Covenant Day
  • Sunday September 19 --- Day of Prayer for spouse of Ministers. An offering will be taken for the widows.
  • November 13 --- Brother Kingsley Lewis will be consecrated as Bishop in Antigua.

Birthdays This Month!

Happy Birthday to:

  • Bro. Rudolph Gibbs --- 2
  • Bro. Samuel Jacobs --- 7
  • Bro. Walton Frederick --- 7
  • Sis. Veronica Brown --- 9
  • Bro. Keith Horsford --- 10
  • Sis. Audrey Gregory --- 18
  • Sis. Lynda Prout --- 29

Anniversaries This Month!

Happy anniversary to:

  • Revd Ezra & Revd Julie Parris --- 5
  • Revd Romeo & Mrs. Deborah Challenger --- 8
  • Revd Conrad & Mrs. Sonia Spencer --- 24
  • Revd Cicely & Mrs. Keith Horsford --- 30

A Smile!

A Grandfather presented his seven-year old granddaughter with a doll for her birthday.

"Mama, look at the lovely doll Gran'pa gave me!" she squealed. "He's the best gran'pa ion the world. When I grow up I'm going to marry him!"

"I'm afraid you can't do that, honey," said her mother. "You'd be marrying my father."

"But, Mommy," said the child, "you married mine!"


Two men were riding on a motorcycle. The one on the back kept complaining about being cold. The driver stopped and told him to put his leather jacket on backward to break the wind. He changed his coat and they started out again.

The motorcycle hit a rough spot in the road and the man on the back fell off. When the driver noticed his friend had disappeared, he went back to find him.

A big crowd had gathered around the man at the side of the road. The driver pushed his way through the crowd.

"Is he hurt?' he asked.

"I don't know," a man scratched his head. "He didn't seem to be in much trouble, but we turned his head around like it belonged and he hasn't spoken a word since!"