A Historical Perspective, setting a context for Evangelism and Discipleship—Part 2

April 18, 2010


The news that there were others who did not know the gospel burned in the hearts of some of the residents of Herrnhut who soon made arrangements to make the first missionary journey outside of biblical times.  They were not daunted by the information that slaves did not have time off and anyone who wanted access to them might have to sell themselves into slavery.  Passion for sharing the gospel and answering the call were uppermost in their minds.  These were not theologically trained persons.  However they were discipled in their choirs.


The Moravian church blazed a trail in the reformation period as they held on to the word of God and not human wisdom.  We blazed a trail in persevering in prayer for 100 unbroken years.  We blazed a trail in the formation of choirs or cell groups.  We blazed a trail in modern missions being the first to send missionaries not after members but to break new ground.  We are still making history by being the oldest protestant church surviving today.  Maybe it is time to make more history by experiencing another renewal.

One may ask the question why is it that we are where we are?  The answer may be found in the thoughts expressed by one of our spiritual forebears – when we are ready to reform, we must do so in light of the intensions of our founders.  It is time to discover again the intentions of our forebears and hear the voice of God for our times.

Today the Unitas Fratrum or the Moravian Church, which has asserted throughout its history that Christian fellowship recognizes no barrier of nation or race, is still an international Unity with congregations in many parts of the world.

The Church cherishes its unity as a valuable treasure entrusted to it by God. It stands for the oneness of all humankind given by the reconciliation through Jesus Christ. Therefore the ecumenical movement is of its very lifeblood. For five centuries it has pointed towards the unity of the scattered children of God that they may become one in their Lord.

The belief of the Moravian Church or Unitas Fratrum is effected and preserved through the testimony of Jesus Christ and through the work of the Holy Spirit. This testimony calls each individual personally, and leads him/her to the recognition of sin and to the acceptance of the redemption achieved by Christ. In fellowship with him the love of Christ becomes more and more the power of the new life, power which penetrates and shapes the entire person. As God’s Spirit so effects living belief in the hearts of individuals, He grants them the privilege to share in the fruits of Christ’s salvation and membership in His body.