June 07, 2009

The Traditions of the Faith as expressed in the Moravian Church, came out of a deep desire for oneness, consistency, unity and a desire to serve God and hold things together in a very hostile environment. When in 1722 the Moravian from Moravia and Bohemia, resurfaced on the Estate of Zinzendorf in Herrnhut, Germany, there was need for a Holiness Code for the community to rally around and be united in heart and spirit. This was very important, for a fragmented community, would have been the right playground for the devil to wreak havoc in the Church. As started last time, the other articles of the Brotherly Agreement, speaks to, living a Christian life in a hostile world.

These then are the other articles: 

  1. Covetousness, dishonest practices in trade and willful deceit, are evils which are hindrances to the life of the Christians. These we will seek to avoid in our daily dealings with others.
  2.  We will earnestly oppose all superstition, obeahism and false revivalism.
  3. We will avoid envy, malice, revenge, strife, quarreling and evil speaking. We will seek to be truthful and endeavour to live in the spirit of peace and good will to others, remembering that lying, profane language, such as swearing, abuse, unclean talk and all other sins of the tongue are contrary to the spirit of Christ.
  4. We acknowledge that it is our duty to obey the laws of the land in which we live, and we will endeavour to promote good citizenship.
  5. We will endeavour to settle our differences with others in a Christian manner and only seek the aid of the courts of the law as a last resort and with the sanction of our ministers.
  6. By our industry, sobriety and thrift, we will endeavour to erect proper houses and maintain good homes.
  7. As parents and guardians, we will bring up our children in a Christian manner and endeavour to secure for them the advantages of good education.
  8. We believe it to be our duty as Christians, to care for our aged parents and helpless members of our families and at the same time to exercise public charity as it may be within our power to bestow.
  9. As stewards of the gifts of God, we will support the spread of the Gospel at home and abroad by means of tithes and freewill offerings.