March 08, 2009

As we celebrate the 552nd Anniversary of the founding of the Moravian Church Worldwide, one needs to ask, where is the Church and what are the opportunities open to it as it seeks to minister in these times? Can the Moravian Church continue to be effective in these challenging and changing times? If we are honest and value what God has blessed us with we would recognize that God has placed this Church in a position to maximize our gifts and talents to His honour and glory.

As a Church, we must believe that health is wealth. God’s desire for His people and indeed His Church is that we prosper and be in health. In 3 John, the word of God declares: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (3 John 3: 2). This text suggests that God is looking for a Church where wholesomeness, honesty, sincerity, justice and righteousness are the watchwords. The Moravian is founded on Jesus Christ and owes its very existence to the mercies of God. The central figure around which our Church revolves is Jesus Christ and hence our acclamation of faith in our Seal, “Our Lamb has conquered, Let us follow Him”. Church

God has blessed the Moravian Church with much property and he expects us to maximize the use of them so that more lives can be touched and won for Him. The properties ought to be used to generate income to engage in Mission, so that the poor and less fortunate, those who have been displaced, despised and rejected, those who are under employed and unemployed can be empowered and given a new lease on life. The Moravian Church must not and ought not to commit the sin of having its lands and buildings lying idle when they can generate income to promote God’s Kingdom. The Church therefore has the opportunity to galvanize our members and those who are God fearing, to put their God given gifts, talents and abilities to work in the interest of the development of God’s Creation. Our Church can do no less if it is going to continue to be relevant, efficient and effective.

God has also blessed this Church with an abundance of human resource which we must continue to use to His honour and glory. The Moravian Church Eastern West IndiesProvince has been endowed with a Staff filled with young men and women who have been called to Ministry to champion the cause of righteousness. The average age of the Provincial Staff is in the thirties. Our human resource is the greatest resource that God has placed into the hands of our Church. As our Staff is empowered, they will empower the membership; especially our young people and make our church and communities, God’s abode. The Moravian Church must maximize the opportunities presented to it by God to point the lost to Jesus Christ.