June 22, 2008


The steering committee of the 2008 Moravian Women’s Consultation has been hard at work, crossing geographical lines, using technology, and partnering in prayer to create the event “Valiant Women in a Violent World” which is being held June 19-25 in Herrnhut, Germany.

This event will be the third of its kind bringing female representatives from every province of the Moravian Unity to discuss and work together to conquer issues of importance to women in the hopes of bringing solid initiatives to the Unity Synod being held in 2009. Two representatives from each province, chosen by provincial leaders will speak on behalf of their respective areas of the world. Four Women from the EWI Province are presently at the consultation: Sisters Alicia Ross and Delyth Christmas are the representatives selected by the PEC; Sister Nelleen Murdoch was specially invited to be one of the presenters at the consultation, while Sister Cicely Athill-Horsford is part of the Steering committee of the Consultation.

The event, with the Valiant Women theme, will explore the many ways in which women survive and thrive in the world today and the many challenges this violent world brings to women in their daily and spiritual lives. Aspects of violence will be explored, not just physical but emotional and spiritual violence as well and what form of response should be taken to all forms of suffering and persecution within all ethnic and religious groups. A strong emphasis will be placed on the strength of women within the world today and ways in which Moravians can be part of the solution to many of the world’s problems.

Women of the Unity of the Moravian Church are all sisters in Christ and this event has the goal of uniting sisters of faith for the work of the Lord. The event will have large group sessions where issues will be presented in detail with small group breakout sessions to discuss ways in which the issues can be dealt with, including plans of action and areas where the Moravian Unity might step in to make a difference.

All brothers and sisters are asked to continue to join in a fellowship of prayer this event.