Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warm Christian greetings in the name of Jesus, our Chief Elder.


Within the first month of Israel’s wilderness journey they found themselves questioning the presence and the provision of God. Although God rained bread from heaven, caused quail to fall into the camp, and led them to watering places, they complained. Their grumbling and complaining were as a result of their desire for the former things, rather than being thankful for what was provided for them in the present.

As we grapple with the reality of Covid-19 and its effects, we too, like the Israelite community, are required to adapt to the new circumstances. These new circumstances are unfamiliar, giving rise to questions and doubts regarding our survival as a people and the church as an institution. In this time of great uncertainty and the upsetting of life as we know it, I am certain that our God is still God. That fact will never change! God who has remained constant and consistent, has, is, and will continue to abide with us and abundantly provide for us.

It is God who has provided the various online platforms where we can attend worship services, participate in ministry groups, and present God’s tithes and our offerings. It is God who has provided partnerships with agencies and human agents for us to reach into the homes of the most vulnerable, responding to their needs. It is God who has provided gifted pastors and laity, skilled members and adherents who continue to use their abilities and experiences to assist in navigating our way through this new reality.

Let us not fall into the trap of grumbling and complaining. Rather, let us affirm and acknowledge that God has and will continue to provide. Let us embrace opportunities presented for advancing God’s kingdom and executing the mission of God in our communities. Let us examine our systems and structures, making the needed changes to fulfill Jesus’ mandate to the church.

We are uncertain how long this period will last as Covid-19 holds our daily routines in its grip. Yet we affirm with confidence, God remains large and in charge – OUR GOD IS GREATER! Therefore, let us affirm and acknowledge the sovereignty of God, being truly thankful for the sustaining grace of God to carry us through. The Lord IS our Shepherd, we will not want!